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UP Stairlifts for Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Beaufort and Charleston areas have the quickest turned around and installation for curved staircases are here!

UP Stairlift
UP Stairlift for curved staircases

UP Stairlift for Hilton Head Island! What makes the UP Stairlift so different? It is a patented and unique curved stairlift made with high quality and recyclable materials in the Netherlands.

We are the exclusive dealer in the area with the expertise and training toinstallthis quickly for your needs. Completely customizable and the only curved stairlift that can be changed in configuration if needed. We can make the configurations and drawing for your staircase application on site, where others take days or longer for drawings.

Other curved stairlifts take time to be manufacturered and made, sometimes it is essential to have your stairlift in place quickly because of an event or if an immediate need arises. It comes standard with all features such as powered swivel seat at the top AND bottom of the staircase, automatic folding footrest, wifi connectivity to monitor the stairlift at all times and much more. All for a surprisingly great price!

Quality seat is made by Richmond furniture and has a modern contemporary diamond pattern design. UP Stairlift is completely recycable and even the aluminum rail system is made in a hydrogen powered plant.

Contact in my Home Accessibility for a quote and FREE survey and get up your curved / custom staircase 843-547-2237

So prepare to take a step into the future with the UP Stairlift Curved Stairlift! The UP Stairlift lift is designed to meet your needs to help you safely enjoy your independence at home. Created with ease of use in mind. We recognize that everyone's home is unique – the UP Stairlift's modular rail can be configured to fit your staircase on the spot! This way, you can bypass the extra time it takes for custom engineering designs, manufacture backlog, and all the work and waiting in between. Need to extend the rail to another room or down a hallway? The modular rail can accommodate virtually any addition. Want to move to another home but worry you may need to leave your lift? Take it with you and ask for a reconfiguration fit for your new residence.

Need your new curved stair lift quickly just give us a call and we can do a quick survey and drawing and get it installed quickly!

We service and install Stairlifts Hilton Head Island, SC to Stairlifts Charleston, SC

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