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Custom Curved Modular Stairlift Installed in days!

patented and unique up stairlift can be installed on custom curved staircases in just days!

UP Stairlift exclusive distributor for our area, many standard options and fully customizable to your decor. The UP Stairlift modular design can be installed in days!
Call for FREE stairlift survey 843-547-2237

      Meet the Award Winning Stairlift!

  Next day delivery

  Fits on every staircase and in any interior

  Automatic swivel chair and footrest always included

We will change your way UP!

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The UP Stairlift Curved Stairlift is one of a kind, made just for you. The UP Stairlift combines award-winning design with installation flexibility to deliver the perfect solution to stair-free access throughout the home. From specification to installation in a matter of hours, regardless of the staircase shape, the UP Stairlift is ready to help you connect with your home once again.


The modular rail design of the UP stairlift allows homeowners to have their UP Stairlift installed in the same day. With standard features that include, power swivel, a back to base intercom and a powered footrest, the UP Stairlift will be the perfect solution to climbing your staircase once again.


Made & Packaged with Recycled Material


UP Stairlifts value sustainability, which is why our stairlifts utilize a recycled aluminum rail and responsibly sourced components.  

  • Aluminum is a durable, lightweight, and sustainable material.

  • Sourced from Norway, The Up Stairlift rail is produced using 70% Hydro Energy

  • Made from recycled Aluminium, using only 5% of the required energy compared to new

  • Packaged with predominately recycled materials, your Up Stairlift will arrive safely for the user and for the environment.


                                          CALL US FOR FREE SURVEY: 843-547-2237

The safe way UP with the UP Stairlift

Does climbing stairs feel like climbing a mountain or is climbing stairs no longer possible for you? We understand you would like to live independently in your own home for as long as possible, but in a safe way. With the UP Stairlift, we offer you this independence and much more. For example, you can easily get on and off the chair with the automatically rotating seat and it is no longer necessary to bend over thanks to the automatically folding footrest. The UP Stairlift takes you safely up and down.

Your home, future ready

With the UP stairlift you not only prepare your home for the future; the beautiful chair also fits seamlessly into your interior. It is made from artificial leather and available in various colours, which puts an end to the old ‘hospital’ stairlifts. The UP stairlift is advanced in any way and can even be operated with an app!

Flexible and simple

To get on and off the chair more easily, the seat automatically turns towards you. If you are well seated, the footrest will fold out automatically and the chair will rotate towards its starting position. No complicated levers and buttons, everything is controlled with a simple joystick. Once you arrived, the UP Stairlift will drop you off safely. 

  • FREE no obligation staircase survey

  • Many standard features such as folding arms and footrests, remote controls

  • Back up battery, seatbelt, diagnostic display

  • Different Stairlift models to choose from

We started selling and installing Stairlifts in 1999 and have installed just about every brand of stairlift and manufacturer. Serving the Lowcountry we chose stairlifts that are well made, have a good reputation and will bring years of trouble free service. Expert installation and service provided.

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