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Custom Curved Stairlift Installed in a week!

stairlifts for residential and commercial staircases


FlowX Curved Stairlift and Homeglide are here! We are an exclusive distributor for our area, many standard options and fully customizable to your decor. The Access Stairlifts have a Lifetime warranty like no other manufacturer!
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Access Flow X Stairlift for Custom curved staircases and Homeglide for straight staircases

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Lifetime Warranty!

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Lifetime Warranty!

FlowX Custom Curved Stairlift

Access Homeglide Straight Stairlift

Both The Curved and Straight Stairlifts Are The Only Stairlifts With Lifetime ON ALL PARTS!!!!

A PremiumStairlift

With a linked seat and footrest the HomeGlide Extra uses the Flow seat which is ergonomically shaped to the user, giving customers a unique experience that keeps them comfortable at the same time. It’s almost effortless when unfolding the chair as the footrest is linked to the seat. The footrest lies just 97mm from the floor, making getting on and off the seat as comfortable as the journey up and down the stairs.

This popular staircase lift comes with a manual swivel seat as standard. Upgrading to the powered swivel seat allows you to turn the chair easily at the top landing by maintaining pressure on the joystick. This allows a safe exit from the chair as the lift automatically rotates away from the open staircase.

Weight isn’t an issue with the HomeGlide Extra, as this indoor lift has a weight capacity of up to up to 350 lbs at a staircase angle maximum of 45 degrees and 320 lbs with staircase angle up to 53 degrees.


Features and Benefits:

  • Comfortable – New FlowX seat which is ergonomically shaped to the user.

  • Aesthetically designed – It’s not just a staircase lift, the HomeGlide Extra is designed to be a feature of the home.

  • Safety – Curved armrests are designed to fold inwards to allow the user to feel more secure.

  • Suitable for all – Adjustable seat height when a powered swivel is used.

  • Heavy duty – A weight capacity of up to 275lbs for the curved and 320lbs to 350lbs for the straight and a staircase angle maximum of up to 70 degrees for our curved FlowX! 

  • Easy to store – Folds neatly for storage.

  • Easy on and off – There’s an option to add a powered swivel to your indoor lift to make getting on and off easier. 

Lifetime Warranty is for Parts! (A service once a year is required by the manufacturer for the Lifetime Warranty to be valid)

FlowX upholstery choices.jpg

Completely customizable seat upholstery and rail colors to match any decor are included.
Camera survey by us guarantees a perfect fit from the manufacturer. Many standard features and unique stylish design. 

HomeGlide Straight Stairlift

The HomeGlide stairlift is a modern and slimline design with a durable wipe-clean padded seat. It’s easy to operate via a joystick control on the chair arm, moving in the direction you point it.
The standard model has a manual swivel chair for safe dismounting, but if a powered swivel chair is needed, the HomeGlide Extra model offers this feature. The lift comes with two remote controls at the bottom and top of the staircase for convenient parking at either end of the stairs and needs to be parked on a charge point to maintain battery life.
Installation involves attaching the rail to the steps on the staircase, then adding the carriage and chair, usually taking one engineer about 3-4 hours. No modification is needed and it plugs into a standard outlet near the top or bottom of the staircase.
A free home assessment visit is the first step to installation, where the best lift for your needs will be determined.

  • Modern, slimline design

  • Operates via an easy-to-use joystick

  • Includes a manual swivel chair for safe dismounting

  • Comes with remote controls

  • Requires parking on a charge point

  • Installation involves attaching the rail to the steps

  • Requires a nearby powerpoint

  • Cost varies depending on installation requirements

View the Homeglide customer journey and request your
free brochure and pricing from us!

  • FREE no obligation staircase survey

  • Many standard features such as folding arms and footrests, remote controls

  • Back up battery, seatbelt, diagnostic display

  • Different Stairlift models to choose from

We started selling and installing Stairlifts in 1999 and have installed just about every brand of stairlift and manufacturer. Serving the Lowcountry we chose stairlifts that are well made, have a good reputation and will bring years of trouble free service. Expert installation and service provided.

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