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Vertical platform lifts




Vertical platform lifts &inclined lifts

We offer Wheelchair Platform Lifts from the major manufacturers with proven reliability and installed by trained technicians.

  •  Different configurations and custom platform sizes

  •  Outdoor / Indoor applications & Commercial applications

  •  Portable lifts available


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Residential Platform Lifts (also called porch lifts) from the top manufacturers. Reliable, quick installations and customized options. We can deliver turnkey solutions and any construction needed.

Available in different heights up to 14'. 
Wheelchair Platform Lifts can be a very cost effective solution making your home accessible again and give you access in garage, porches and decks.

Vertical Platform lifts are installed - Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Beaufort, St. Helena Island, Ladys Island, Dataw Island, Fripp Island, Walterboro, Edisto, Charleston and surrounding areas.

Competitve pricing starting At $ 4,495.00 (28" Lift height - plus shipping)

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Weight capacities

750 lbs+

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Safe solution and
Easy to install

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Easy to use controls

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Up to 3 year warranty

and 1 yr free labor incl.

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  • Up to 14' lift height

  • Quick ship availability

  • Many configurations
    Commercial Option

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Vertical Platform Lift
  • Up to 14' lift height

  • Portable lift available

  • All Black or all white
    Commercial Option

  • 52" and 72" lift height

  • Lightweight, easy install

  • All Aluminum no rust!

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  • made in Denmark

  • Save space 2 in 1 design

  • Fully customizable
    Commercial Option

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  • How much does a Residential Vertical Platform Lift cost?
    The cost varies largely depending on many factors between $4,500 to over $20,000 when it is fully enclosed or commercial applications. The biggest factor is lifting height. Taller Vertical Platform Lift installations require a fully enclosed platform and landing gate with interlock for safety and to be ASME 18.1 code compliant. Other factors can be the platform size or configuration such as a 90-degree adjacent entry where you can exit or enter from the side of the wheelchair lift if needed. You can also have a full enclosure and color choices, or a platform-based elevator in an existing shaft which can be very cost effective compared to a standard elevator. Vertical platform lifts are still considered one of the most cost-effective solutions for wheelchair access. Especially when the height is such that a proper ramp will take up to much space or is more costly. These can be very discreet or sometimes even unnoticeable depending on the location and color choices etc. With some basic information we can give you a very accurate quote and we have different manufacturers so we can find the most cost effective and best solution.
  • How quick can I get a Vertical Platform Lift?
    With a choice of manufacturers, we can usually get one installed very quickly. The lower height applications such as porches, garages and decks up to and over 6' in height can be shipped and ordered from us very quickly. For taller applications there are longer lead times and these vary from a few weeks to 4 or 6 weeks depending on fabrication and shipping times. Options and color choices also can sometimes slow down the fabrication. We can always get quick answers for you and we keep our customers up to date from start to finish. We know timely installation is of extreme importance at times when a vertical platform lift is needed and becomes the only way to get in and out of your home.
  • What happens if there is a power outage?
    Most vertical platform lifts on the market run on AC power only as standard. A few have a battery lowering option as standard, others can have a full battery backup which depending on the height traveled and weight can do an additional 5 to 10 cycles on the batteries only. If you live in an area that is prone to power outages and are fully reliant on the porch lift this might be a good option to consider. Batteries usually need to be replaced afTer 3 to 4 years and a commonly available. This is a service we provide with your yearly checkup and maintenance visit as well.
  • What preperations are needed to install a vertical platform lift
    To install a VPL you will need a level surface to anchor it, usually concrete base, and dedicated power supply. Most of our VPL’s use 120V to run the lift or charge the batteries. Additionally, depending on how high the lift height travels you might need a gate at the top landing which can be made or purchased with an interlock for safety.
  • Ramp VS Vertical Platform Lift
    Placing a ramp might be a good and quick solution, however to use a ramp with a wheelchair it is recommended you have 1 foot of ramp length for every 1” in rise. And if you have used a ramp system before you know these guidelines are set for a good reason as it can be very tiring for the mobility user. You will need to have the space to place a ramp as well, a turn platform might be needed if you cannot go straight all the way and it is recommended as a resting stop if the ramp length is very long. A residential vertical platform lift might be more efficient and space saving solution, especially for higher elevations.
  • How much weight can it carry?
    All of our vertical platform lifts can carry 750lbs as standard. Some carry even more or have an option to increase this. The LiftUp Flexstep can carry 880lbs as standard. This is enough for a user and scooter or powerchair.
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