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Custom Curved Stairlift Installed in a week!

stairlifts for residential and commercial staircases


FlowX Curved Stairlift is here! Quick delivery time, many standard options and fully customizable to your decor. Call for FREE stairlift survey 843-547-2237
UP Stairlift for custom staircases with QUICK Installations!


FlowX Stairlift narrow staircase.jpg

Lifetime Warranty!

FlowX Custom Curved Stairlift


UP Stairlift small.png

One week installation!

UP Stairlift Custom Curved


pilot navigator stairlift.webp

Also in outdoor version

Plitot Navigator Custom Curved Stairlift

Pilot aviator straight stairlift.png

Best Seller In Stock!

Pilot Aviator Custom Straight Stairlift

Homeglide straight stairlift.jpg

Access Homeglide Straight Stairlift

Harmar Pinnacle straight stairlift.jpg

Harmar Pinncle Stairlifts


  • FREE no obligation staircase survey

  • Many standard features such as folding arms and footrests, remote controls

  • Back up battery, seatbelt, diagnostic display

  • Different Stairlift models to choose from

We started selling and installing Stairlifts in 1999 and have installed just about every brand of stairlift and manufacturer. Serving the Lowcountry we chose stairlifts that are well made, have a good reputation and will bring years of trouble free service. Expert installation and service provided.

Stairlifts can give you back the independence to your upstairs for a very low cost considering how dependable they are and the years of service a stairlift can give you.
They can move you safely between two or more levels and reduce the risk of injury by navigation the steps and staircase without assistance. on the staircase.


A stairlift can also be used to move groceries or laundry and add convenience to your home.

In My Home Accessibility has many years of experience in the stairlift industry and we chose the best premium stairlift products and stairlift manufacturers.

We have a stair lift to suit your needs and type of staircase including the

narrow staircases!

Rail colors to match the decor of your home and staircase included in the pricing. 

Premium stairlift with a great warranty for curved staircases. 

For Indoor and Outdoor staircases!

Durable and build to withstand the elements!

Choose the color of upholstery for your stairlift at no additional cost.

Quick delivery and installation. ​

We have custom and straight stairlifts for commercial use and installation

Custom Curved Stairlifts and Straight Stairlifts

What is a curved custom stairlift?

Unlike straight stairlifts that are designed for straight staircases, curved stairlifts are custom-built to fit the specific curvature and shape of a particular staircase. The rail is tailored to follow the exact path of the curved staircase, accommodating any bends, turns, or changes in direction. This customisation ensures a precise fit and allows the stairlift to traverse the entire length of the curved stairs smoothly.

Also referred to as stair chair lifts can be installed with no modification and offer a custom fit for curved staircase that turn.
These are custom fit for your staircase and can have park positions at the bottom or top of the staircase to park the stairlift around the corner and completely away from the staircase.
You can also add an overrun or other configurations.
We use a camera system to measure your staircase for a very precise fit that is guaranteed by the manufacturer when using these systems. There are other custom features that can be added and even a different color optional rail that can blend in with your décor.

Straight Stairlifts can be installed quickly can be installed quickly on either side of your staircase. Different color upholstery at no additional cost and these are very robust with high capacity weight rating as standard.
Many safety features are standard on our stair chair lifts such as remote controls for the top and bottom of the staircase which allows you to call the lift or send it back for another user or to send laundry or groceries for example back and forth.

Outdoor Stairlifts
Outdoor lift small.jpg

Outdoor Stairlifts for straight and curved staircases!

Here in the Lowcountry many homes are raised up in floodzones and these stairlifts are ideal to access your home from outside.

Outdoor stairlifts are build to withstand the harsh elements by the shores and come with a cover, locking boxes for the remote controls and keyswitch to prevent unauthorized use.

outdoor curved stairlift.jpg

Stairlifts can be installed in a few hours or in one day for the most complex installations. This means you can use your stairlift very quickly!
Custom stairlifts do take some time to be fabricated and manufactered and turn around times are a little longer but still very quick considering the length of time you might be using it in the future this might be well worth it with the close fit and matching or coordinating colors on your staircase.

The straight stairlift has adjustable arm width, high weight capacity and adjustable seat height as standard for a custom and 

comfortable fit.
Call us to give you an accurate estimate on the timeframe which might fluctuate some from time to time but is still very quick!

In My Home Accessibility Stairlift commonly asked questions:


Stairlifts for straight staircases cost on average $3,500 to $5,000 depending on whether installed indoors or outdoors and optional features. Most of our stairlift have standard features such as optional seat color or optional rail color for the outdoors where other manufacturer have a substantial upcharge for these options. Stair lifts for curved / custom staircases can cost from $8,500 and upwards depending on the complexity of the staircase and how many levels you would like to travel. We offer a no obligation survey for your staircase and can answer many questions and demonstrate what the stair lift will look like on your staircase.
Make sure you compare products on the market, we only sell stairlifts with a reliable track record.


We have a very robust outdoor stairlift selection, whether it is a straight stair lift or curved stairlift we have the solution, with a proven reliable chair lift we can also customize the color for the custom stairlifts at no additional cost. Both the straight and curved stairlifts come in outdoor versions build to withstand the South Carolina weather. This will be sure the rail blends in and becomes part of the décor in your home as it was made to fit. For outdoor stairlift application the rail can almost become invisible or not noticeable when looking at a home since a lot of homes in our area are raised up in the flood zones and the main staircase might be at the front entrance of the home. Having a custom color rail makes this almost invisible. See above as well.


No modifications are necessary at all. A stairlift is attached to the steps of your staircase and uses a standard outlet within 10 / 15 ft at the top or the bottom of your staircase. Normally and outlet can be found on a wall in an adjacent room and we can very easily extend the wiring if an outlet is further away.
Our trained technicians can mount the stairlift on wood, carpeted, concrete, tile and other surfaces.
The stairlifts fold up or can be parked completely out of the way to leave room for others to use the staircase.


Stairlifts are battery powered and can be used up to three days or well over a week depending on model, usage and travel distance.
Bateries are automatically charged and they can last easily three to five years.
Most stairlifts have a diagnostic display to let you know the status of the lift at all times. Stairlift batteries are widely available and easy to replace when it is time, we also provide this service and complete maintenance.
Stairlift plugs into any outlet nearby the top or bottom of the starcase which charges the batteries through an adapter.


Unfortunately, health insurance and Medicare generally do not cover stairlifts.
However, if it is medically necessary it can be considered a medical expense with a doctors note. Contact us for more information or ask your accountant. There is also information available online that explain tax deductions to make a home accessible.


In My Home Accessibility services most of the Lowcountry area.
Stairlift sales and installations:

  • Hilton Head Island, SC

  • Beaufort, SC

  • Lady's Island, SC

  • Saint Helena Island, SC

  • Bluffton, SC

  • Edisto, SC

  • Walterboro, SC

  • Hampton, SC

  • Summerville, SC

  • Johns Island, SC

  • Kiawah Island, SC

  • Isle of Palms, SC

  • Charleston, SC areas and surrounding Islands and more. 

  • Jacksonville, FL areas
    Call us for a Free Quote.


Yes you can, however we strongly advise against it since you might be compromising the safety of the user and if installed incorrectly might cause problems or a breakdown.
There are adjustments at the time of installation we do and you want to make sure everything done is made to fit perfectly.
There is a paper that is published by the Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association where they advise against self-installation of stairlifts and the hazards this might create.  
In My Home Accessibility has the proper licensing and insurance and is trained by the manufacturers as well. This ensures everything is installed properly and up to code so you can enjoy many years of safe use.
We also back everything up with our own labor warranty and strong manufacturers warranties when purchased through us. With self-installations warranties are usually void.
You will also not be able to get technical support or parts from a manufacturer for a stairlift that was self-installed due to liability and risk reasons.
If you try to get service on a self-installed stairlift from a local reputable company can also be hard because of liability reasons. It might cost you since they might have to bring the lift up to code and do a full inspection if they are willing.
When you use In My Home Accessibility for your stair lift installation you will have a professionally trained installer that has the skills to make sure everything is adjusted and safe and will give you a complete walk through on the use and operation and features of your new stairlift.
It also guarantees that everything is fitted to your staircase properly.
We also provide after the sale service and a full year warranty with an included year end visit at no cost so you will have peace of mind that come from a reputable company.
Professional training and skills ensure safe installations and come with the added benefit of a full customer walk-through, so that you’ll know how to operate your stairlift safely. A professional installation not only guarantees that your stairlift will be fitted to your stairs properly, you also get the added benefit and peace-of-mind that comes with expert aftercare and support from a reputable company. The stairlifts we offer also have leading industry warranties.

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