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Stairlifts for outdoor and indoor, straight stairlift and curved stair lifts!

Outdoor stairlifts
Straight Stairlift installed outdoors

Stairlifts for outdoor and indoor are a great and probably the most cost-effective solution to get upstairs to your home. Outdoor stairlifts are manufactured to withstand the outdoor elements here in South Carolina and the oudoor straight stairlift if by far the most cost effective and reliable solution. Many homes on the islands and by the shore on Hilton Head Island, Beaufort, Bluffton, and Charleston can benefit from an outdoor stairlift. Many times the staircases for homes in flood zones are curved where the go up and turn at the platform. Ideally these could benefit from a custom curved stairlift. Our outdoor curved stairlift can be had with optional rail colors at no additional cost which can blend the rail with the color or background of the staircase or landscape. They are built very robust and have up to a 350lbs weight capacity so there is a solution for every staircase and one that makes it look attractive. We take simple measurements of your staircase and the stairlift can be installed very quickly from the time you order. With our seat colors and rail colors it can blend nicely on your indoor staircase as well if it requires a custom curved stairlift.

All stair lifts have two remote controls as standard, one for the top and the bottom, so you can send the lift easily to any floor. Or very beneficial if there are two users.

Our stairlifts come with a key switch as well to avoid any unauthorized use.

stairlift rail color selection
curved stairlift rail colors

< Curved stairlift rail colors shown on the Left

stairlift seat color selection
Stairlift seat colors

Seat colors are available at no extra cost for the straight and curved stair lift, can really make the lift blend in with any decor. CALL US FOR A FREE QUOTE: 843-547-2237

The stairlifts are battery powered which means if there is a power outage the lift can still be used sometimes up to a week or more. Our lifts preserve the batteries when it senses there is no charge being received. Batteries last up to 5 years, it is recommended to have these checked on a yearly basis. The stairlifts also have many safety features, a seatbelt is standard, they all have a "soft start" and "soft stop" for comfort, and are about 20ft per minute, so getting upstairs is usually very quick. It also features obstruction sensors, so if the staircase or rail has an obstruction the stairlift will stop automatically.

There are no modifications needed for your staircase. These are installed directly onto the steps of the staircase, and even later if it would be removed it only leaves a few screw holes which can be hidden easily, with carpeting there would be no visible signs if the stairlift would be removed. The stairlift can use any standard outlet nearby the top or bottom of the staircase. If needed we can arrange for an additional outlet, but this is very seldom needed. Naturally the way ours are build they will make life easier for many years to come and should be the only solution necessary in most cases to enjoy your home. Also, standard is a great warranty and In My Home Accessibility includes a one year free labor with every chair lift we install. There is also the question what is a stairlift vs a chairlift, quite commonly they refer to the same. With different users searching for solutions and now that it is widely referred to as stairlift which is the proper term.

if you have any questions give us a call and we can give more detail or we can email you a brochure and sample pricing.

We are also available to do a free survey any time for your staircase. We install stairlifts throughout the Lowcountry areas.

Curved stairlift installed
Indoor Curved Stairlift fit to hug the staircase

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