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Homelift vs Elevators

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Homelifts or shaftless elevator can be a great cost effective option if no shaft exists or space is limited. They can be freestanding or against a wall and have a fire seal for the opening.

If your home has an existing shaft you can install a regular elevator which has a higher weight capacity or can be custom sized for your existing shaft with still some construction needed such as reinforcing the wall or add blocking for the rail. Elevators might also have higher maintenance costs over the years. Our Home lift does not need a shaft and is great for retrofit installation or installation in an existing shaft with lower and less frequent maintenance. It is of very high quality with a cab made of heavy gauge aluminum and many options such as mood lighting, a 7" color display, automatic door opener and nice hardwood seat for example.

Not to mention the Elegant and clean frame with large vision panels and LED lighting Standard the shaftless elevator features a diagnostic display, and most importantly there is less than 1" threshold when entering and exiting the lift! When using a wheelchair this is even more important.

They come in different cab size from small, medium and large where the smallest is a one person and can be tucked almost in any corner, and the largest being wheelchair accessible.

They can be installed for different travel heights. Standard battery lowering for safety (with manual back up) and the diagnostic display will let you know about the status of the lift and any faults are displayed which might prevent a service call.

Did we mention the home lift is extremely quiet?

Construction is minimal with just an opening being made in the ceiling.

Unique on our homelift is a fire seal which others do not offer. Once the lift is up the ceiling is closed off with the fire seal, and with the lift downstairs the opening is covered and you can easily walk on this and keep the aesthetics of your home.

This Homelift is of very high quality and durable aluminum construction.

Made in Ireland by a company that has been in business for 40 years and family operated we are proud to offer this to our local market as an authorized dealer.

Call us for a FREE Quote - 843-547-2237

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