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Raizer – from a lying to a standing position in just a few minutes!

The Raizer from LiftUp is one of the most innovative and helpful products we have seen in a long time. We knew right away at IMHA we had to carry this and offer to our customers.

If anyone has experienced trying to pick up a loved one or person off the floor to get them standing again is almost next to impossible to do all by yourself. Not to mention for the person laying on the floor, which can be embarrassing and awkward sometimes having to depend on others to get back up. The Raizer is designed to be very user fiendly and allows any person to be picked up from the floor and get them standing with almost no effort at all withng minutes without having to wait a long time for outside help.

Safe lifting operation from the floor

With the help of a relative you will experience that the lifting process with the Raizer M is quite relaxed. You are sitting comfortably, safely stabilized by a seat belt and thanks to the headrest (standard equipment) there will be no strain on your neck during the lift.

Raizer Manual or the Raizer II - battery operated - are always standby and ready for use
  • It is always ready to carry out a lift whenever it is needed

  • It is easy to carry around the house, and it can be stored away in a closet when not in use.

  • It can be assembled in most places and it does not take up much space before, during or after assembly.

  • The crank handle can be inserted and operated from both sides of the seat allowing for operation where there is sufficient room.

  • If battery powered one charge can do about 80 lifts per full charge!

About the battery powered Raizer II

New ergonomic benefits

Raizer II is easily assembled under a fallen person, and the lifting process is swiftly initiated by a push of a button on the remote control or the control panel on the side of the seat. This means that the assistant does not have to carry out a lift and is exposed to no strain on the back or shoulders as you may experience with other appliances. A person working alone can easily manage the Raizer II and assist the fallen person.

The Raizer II can be used in home care, in institutions, for rescue services and other services requiring a lifting aid and transfer of persons with limited mobility.

Comfortable lift

All the materials have been carefully selected with special attention to stability and durability and considering both the helper and the fallen person.

Raizer II is fitted with safety belts that are to be attached to both backrests to make sure that the fallen person feels secure and comfortable during the lifting process. It is possible to attach additional safety belts on the backrests of Raizer II. Thus, the torso of the fallen person can be secured in several positions for increased comfort.

Exclusive and easy-to-clean design

Raizer II offers an exclusive and user-friendly design with intuitive sound and light indicators making it easy to quickly assemble the Raizer II at any location. The two backrests are alike, and the four identical legs can be swiftly fitted in any sequence thus making the Raizer II quick and easy to assemble under the fallen person.

All surfaces of Raizer II have been developed to be easy to clean as regards choice of materials and surface structure, and the surfaces of Raizer II may also be disinfected.

Mobile solution

The lifting chair is battery-powered and therefore there are no awkward power cords when operating. Raizer II is easily operated with a remote control which is kept on the side of the seat when not in use. Raizer II will emit a warning if the remote control is not returned to its place after use.

Easy to transport

When disassembled, Raizer II is carried in two bags to the location; backrests and legs are carried in a bag with ergonomic carrying straps for hand or back (long strap for shoulders or two straps as a backpack). The motor unit/seat is carried separately in a protective cover with a soft handle ergonomically designed to make sure that it is carried close to the body.

Alternatively, the Raizer II can be transported on a trolley (optional equipment) where both bags can be placed side by side. The Raizer II is disassembled after use and therefore is easy to transport and use anywhere and in any situation. We even offer a bike bracket kit (optional equipment) to mount the trolley behind a bicycle.

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